2006, naivsuper

text by Elke Marhöfer

PETS are 5 pieces of a CD or the attempt to describe a sound-based form of life. Stuck inside a niche between “nature” and “culture”, acoustic inhabitants of “nature-culture-land”, hairy little things made out of dust, wandering around without reason and suddenly drop dead completely unexpected. They have to be pushed, but sometimes move by themselves, they can speak sometimes fast and sometimes rather slow and then again cuddle up in silence pretending not to be here.
They could also be sound creatures from the world of microrobotics, who speak to us without communicating, glitching transistor noises in between loudspeakers – no more – no less.
The sounds come to life with the help of a self-written software which technically analyse very basic material just like voices or eating noises. But not what the computer hears is interesting – it is the structure that he reads and filters out.
There is movement between the basic material and its representation by the computer – sounds in motion. A broken relation between the computer and the sound material develops.
It becomes vital that from this method of sound production, sounds and sequences originate which have their own rules. Language appears as pure sound, free from grammar and content. Or in other words: PETS could be an answer to the question – What´s the sound of the things and objects in our surrounding once they emancipate themselves from their functionality?

four of the pieces are compositions from between 2004 and 2006:

2004, omo
2006, draussen
2006, winter
2005, halt nachher