Olaf Hochherz is a sound artist and researcher mostly performing with self build electronic instruments and computer programs. He develops installations and performance installations. His interest is in the conjunction of the instability, self-generation, and associative capacity of sounds.

He presented his electronic compositions at different Festivals. His installations could be realized in Germany, Taiwan and China. He toured with his performances throughout Central Europe and East Asia.

„I didn’t try to make an electronic device, which is controllable in the same way as a classical acoustic instrument, instead I work with the abstraction of the electronics. In my playing i do not control a technical apparatus, but create an associative field. The sounds have their own live. The playing tries to keep them alive.“

He got educated at Folkwang Hochschule Essen in electronic composition, Humbold University Berlin in philosophy and computer science and at Bauhaus University Weimar in sound-art/media-art. He holds a BFA and MFA in Mediengestaltung (Media-Art) and a wrote a PhD on experimental music. His research interest lies in the impact of technologies on artistic practices.