past events


07.02.2019, Natural Languages with Wilmer Chan, 34th Floor, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

30.01.2019, Solo, Today x Future, Manila, Philippines

25.01.2019, Duo with Lee Kwang Goh, Mou Tou, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

23.01.2019, Solo, Play Studio, Malacca, Malaysia

22.01.2019, Solo, RAW Art Space, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

16.01.2019, Solo, De Commune, Bangkok, Thailand

15.01.2019, Solo, Yoko cafe, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

13.01.2019, Solo, Cù Rú Bar, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

12.01.2019, Solo, Haritage Space, Hanoi, Vietnam

05.01.2019, Solo, Miji, Beijing, China


30.12,2018, Solo, Shanghai, China

28.12.2018, Solo, Senko Issha, Taipei, Taiwan

23.12.2018, Solo, Cochlea-gigs no.40, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

21.12.2018, Solo, Lacking Sound Festival, Taipei, Taiwan

19.12.2018, Solo, Dotolim, Seoul, South Korea

15.12.2018, Duo With Takahiro Kawaguchi, OTOOTO, Tokyo, Japan

08.12.2018, Solo, Bonjour, Kyoto, Japan

17.11.2018, Natural Languages with Wilmer Chan, Tong Saam, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

30.04.2018, Trio with Makoto Oshiro and Jasper Fung, tfvsjs.syut, Hong Kong, Hong Kong


27.05.2017, With Shih-Yang Lee, Wilmer Chan, Ken Ueno, and Kung Chi Shing, New Territories, Hong Kong

29.04.2017, Natural Languages with Wilmer Chan, McAulay Studio, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

17.03.2017, Duo with I AM, Interspecies Musicking, Floating Project, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

09.02.2017, Pak Yan Lau, Fang Yi Liu, and Wilmer Chan, tong saam, Kowloon, Hong Kong


21.10.2016, Gravitaphon, Music Theater, premier, LOFFT – DAS THEATER, Leipzig, Germany

31.07.2016, Solo with half-animal synthesizer at quiet cue, Berlin, Germany

10.07.2016, AnimalNacht, StudioAcht, Berlin, Germany

23.04.2016, Natural Languages with Wilmer Chan, iDTOWN, Shenzhen, China

07.06.2016, duo with Fang-yi Liu, Loophole, Berlin, Germany

27.03.2016, Natural Languages with Wilmer Chan, tfvsjs.syut, Kowloon, Hong Kong

10.01.2016, trio with Wilmer Chan and Fang-yi Liu, New Territories, Hong Kong

05.01.2016, Natural Languages with Wilmer Chan, Focal Fair, Hong Kong, Hong Kong


20.12.2015, Sounded Constructed (inside), Guling Street Avant-Garde Theatre, Taipei

19.12.2015, Lacking Sound Festival, Natural Languages with Wilmer Chan, Taipei, Taiwan

17.12.2015, International Improv Festival II, with Hugues Vincent, Minyen Hsieh, and  Wilmer Chan, Jiang Shan Yi Gai Suo, Hsinchu, Taiwan

13.12.2015, with 丁麗萍, 劉芳一, Hugues Vincent,  陳柏達 Neng Sheng Xing Factory, Tainan, Taiwan

22.10.2015. Generator #40, Tierstimmenübertragungen, solo, Musikklub, Zürich, Swiss

14.10.2015, solo, spectrum, Berlin, Germany

15.08.2015, Sounded Constructed (outside), Observations from the open space, Divnogore, Russia

16.07.2015, AnimalNacht, Geoff Stern Art Space, Berlin, Germany

05.07.2015, PLANTS vs. ANIMALS (AnimalNacht, Christina Ertl  and a.melodie), Prinzessinnengärten, Berlin, Germany


26.12.2014, 김자현, Seoul, South Korea

20.12.2014, modular, somewhere, Tokyo, Japan

20.12.2014, solo, swim, pool, Tokyo, Japan

19.12.2014, solo, yuno museum, Osaka, Japan

17.12.2014, solo, Bar Scivias, Nagoya, Japan

14.12.2014, duo with Seijiro Murayama, Ftarri, Tokyo, Japan

13.12.2014, with many people, soup, Tokyo Japan

29.11.2014, with Choi Joonyong, Hong Chulki, Jin Sangtae, Ryu Hankil,Choi Sehee, Shin Jaehyun, Reaction Power Trio, and Rémi Klemensiewicz, Seoul, South Korea

25.10.2014, NOISE to SIGNAL, solo, HKICC, Kowloon, Hong Kong

25.07.2014, The Languages of The Wind-Up Birds, trio with Erik Wong and Wilmer Chan, tong saam, Kowloon, Hong Kong

17.07.2014, NOISE to SIGNAL, solo, HKICC, Kowloon, Hong Kong

16.06.2014, garden concert, with Sagardia, Berlin, Germany

07.06.2014, biegungen, AnimalNacht, ausland, Berlin, Germany

06.06.2014, duos, with Seiji Morimoto and Nicolas Wiese, liebig 12, Berlin, Germany

02.06.2014, labor sonor – transmit power #3, AnimalNacht, kule, Berlin, Germany

27.04.2014, kill the silence, with No One Pulse, HKICC, Kowloon, Hong Kong

11.03.2014, erreur d’impression, cyclisation, online installation, jeu de paume, Paris, France


27.12.2013, No One River Flows, amphibians, installation-performance, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan

22.12.2013, Changee, solo, also 紀柏豪,N:PRST, noise kitchen, Taipei, Taiwan

30.11.2013, mex21, conversations, installation, Künstlerhaus, Dortmund, Germany

25.10.2013, dotolimpic 2013, 10feelers, installation-performance, Mullae Art Space, South Korea

13.10.2013, b6c, Stacked rooms – Performance, together with Junky, XuCheng, Mojo, Yida He, Basement 6, Shanghai, China

12.10.2013, make+, V-Art Center, Shanghai, China

14.09.2013, Kölner Musiknacht, draussen, Feuerwache, Köln, Germany

24.08.2013, 7ms, solo and duo with Xu Cheng, also JIMU, BlueRoof Villa, Shanghai, China

30.06.2013, animalnacht, Liz Allbee, Olaf Hochherz, Felicity Mangan, Ute Wassermann, quiet cue, Berlin, China

27.04.2013, Noise to Signal 0.10, solo, Tim blechmann + Conny Zenk, Zhang You-Sheng, Fiona Lee, C.I.A, New Territories, Hong Kong

22.04.2013 NoiShanghai, solo, also Soviet Pop, Tim Blechmann + Conny Zenk, Shanghai, China

10.03.2013, Noise to Signal 0.10, duo with …, also e:ch + Alok, Dj Sniff + sin:ned, C.I.A., New Territories, Hong Kong

06.01.2013, haus konzert, duo with Jamie Drouin, also Lucio Capece, home, Berlin, Germany


15.12.2012, unERHÖRT, duo with Christoph Irmer, Wuppertal, Germany

29.09.2012, Noise to Signal, solo, soundpocket, Kowloon, Hong Kong

28.09.2012, Herbal International, solo, Findars, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

22.09.2012, Noise of Noise, solo, Kandala records, Nanhai Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

21.09.2012, Lacking Sound Festival, solo, noiseKitchen, Taipei, Taiwan

20.09.2012, Ten Feelers, installation, Ping Pong Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan

15.09.2012, Yard, installation, Tunghai University Art Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

09.09.2012, Summer Party, solo, Studio 2224, Taipei, Taiwan

24.8.2012, Reso, duo with hui ye, also maimai, 696 live bar, Shanghai, China

21.07.2012, Music Meeting, duos and trios with Yan Jun and Jun-Y Ciao, Fungus Room, Shanghai, China

07.07.2012, NOIShanghai L+, solo, 696 Live, Shanghai, China

06.06.2012, Animalnacht, Liz Allbee, Felicity Mangan, Olaf Hochherz, Ute Wassermann, Sowieso, Berlin, Germany

03.06.2012, haus konzert, solo duos and trios with Yan Jun, Hui Ye, Seiji Morimoto, anotherhome, Berlin, Germany

26.05.2012, Taktfrei 2012, duo with Yan Jun, also Jassem Hindi & Magda Mayas, LVSXY (Clayton Thomas & Clare Cooper), Axel Dörner, -able, Berlin, Germany

25.05.2012, biegungen, trio with Yan Jun and Hannes Lingens, also Christopher Williams, Felicity Mangan and Seiji Morimoto, ausland, Berlin, Germany

09.04.2012, eXperimontag, solo, Madame Claude, Berlin, Germany

14.03.2012, noise, solo, also ASTMA, Li Tieqiao, ZaJia, Beijing, China

11.03.2012, dotolim, duo with Hankil Ryu, also Jin Sangtae, Choi Joonyong and Otomo Yoshihide, dotolim, Seoul, Korea

10.03.2012, Performance Maschine, duo with Jin Sangtae, also L’ange with Otomo Yoshihide, Lowrise, Seoul, Korea

09.03.2012, Music Meeting, duos and trios with Xu Cheng and Jun-Y Ciao, Fungus Room, Shanghai, China

07.03.2012, NOIShanghai, solo, 696 Live, Shanghai, China

04.03.2012, 2012 Sally Can’t Dance, Ad Hoc Improv Committee: Yan Jun, Olaf Hochherz, Li Zenghui, Shi Yang, Iku Sakan, Yan Yulong, Zhang Shouwang, Vavabond, Li Qing, xp club, Beijing, China

01.03.2012, Ad Hoc Improv Committee: Yan Jun, Olaf Hochherz, Li Zenghui, Shi Yang, Iku Sakan, Yan Yulong, Zhang Shouwang, Vavabond, Li Qing, The Pavillion, Beijing, China

21.01.2012, PCI Birthday, duo with Liz Allbee, home, Berlin, Germany

12.01.2012, hearable, trio with Matija Schellander, Chris Heenan, also Andrea Ermke, Marcello Busato, able, Berlin, Germany


17.12.2011, biegungen, cage test, together with Francesco Cavaliere, Felicity Mangan, Mat Pogo, Stefan Roigk, Ignaz Schick, Seiji Morimoto performing: Cartridge Music (1960) Fontana Mix (1958) Branches (1976) Telephones & Birds (1977) Song Books (1970) Radio Music (1956), Ausland, Berlin, Germany

08.12.2011, schleusen 25, “Improvisation mit Büchern (Bücher über Improvisation)” lecture performance trio with Mathias Maschat, Michael Renkel, Ausland, Berlin, Germany

5.12.2011, mehr kanal #6, solo, Zentrale Medienwerkstätte, Linz, Austria

29.11.2011, velak gala #63, solo, Brut im Konzerthaus, Wien, Austria

28.11.2011, ostinato, solo, also YANAGI duo and iq+1, České Budějovice, Czech Republic

21.11.2011, trio with Chris Heenan, Matija Schellander, Blue Allert, Berlin, Germany

18.11.2011, plants talk – art for greenhouses, installation, watching nature, ditsl, Witzenhausen, Germany

08.11.2011, quartet and duos with Jamie Drouin, Seiji Morimoto, Nicolas Wiese, Altes Finanzamt, Berlin Germany

12.09.2011, Labor Sonor, solo, also Axel Dörner, Seijiro Murayama, Pierre Borel, Hannes Lingens, KuLe, Berlin, Germany

09.09.2011, liquidshell, screening of “permeable super real”, iac Berlin, Berlin, Germany

07.09.2011, fake field recordings duo with Felicity Mangan ,also Kai Fagaschinski, rac_ka, ausland, Berlin, Germany

31.07.2011, miss hecker, duo and quartet with Liz Allbee, Anthea Caddy and Annette Krebs, Berlin, Germany

09.06.2011, quiet cue, duo with Robin Hayward, Berlin, Germany

04.06.2011, trio with Christoph Irmer, Klaus Janek, Wendel, Berlin, Germany

01.06.2011, For a big ensemble divided into small portions, septet with Brendon Dougherty, Chris Heenan, Andy Graydon, Wouter Jaspers, Tristan Honsinger, Klaus Janek, Ausland, Berlin, Germany

28.05.2011, solo, also Felicity Mangan & Seiji Morimoto, altes finanzamt, Berlin, Germany

18.04.2011, fake field recordings, duo with Felicity Mangan, Experimontag, Madame Claude, Berlin, Germany

04.02.2011, WEEKENDSOUND Session7,solo, also  Cedrik Fermont, Yao Chung-Han, tamtamart, Berlin Germany

23.01.2011, watching and speaking, solo, also Robin Hayward, Seiji Morimoto, Berlin, Germany

11.01.2011, watching and speaking, Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany


11.12.2010, i’m using a chicken to measure it, solo, also Christian Kesten, a exhibition of Pit Noack, Stefan Roigk, Heidrun Schramm, Oliver Schmidt und Nicolas Wiese, Hunchentoot, Berlin, Germany

05.11.2010, WEEKENDSOUND Session1, duo with Yan Jun, also Cedrik Fermont, Tamtam8, Berlin, Germany

04.11.2010, Quiet Cue, duo with Yan Jun, also Aspec(T),  Staalplaat, Berlin, Germany

01.11.2010, Experimontag, duo with Yan Jun, Madame Claude, Berlin, Germany

24.09.2010, SuperCollider Symposium, Kleiner Wasserspeicher, Berlin, Germany

08.09.2010, Echtzeit Musik Festival, solo, also Clare Cooper, Valerio Tricoli, Ausland, Berlin, Germany

10.06.2010, Quiet Cue, duo with Felicity Mangan, Fake Fieldrecordings, Staalplaat, Berlin, Germany

29.05.2010, Zwischen Zwei Zentren,solo, also Marcel Dickhage, Moritz Fehr, Stefanie Pretna, Cathleen Schuster Nicolas Weiser, El Fog, Peter Prautzsch, Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

04.05.2010, pm, duo with Lee Kwang Goh, Antje Oeklesund, Berlin, Germany

01.05.2010, Sonntags Salon, duo and trio with Lee Kwang Goh, Seiji Morimoto, Miss Hecker, Berlin, Germany

17.04.2010, unERHÖRT, duo with Christoph Irmer, Wuppertal, Germany

13.04.2010, Buffet and Music, duo with Shin’Ichi Isohata, KinoLabor82w, Berlin, Germany

05.04.2010, Experimontag, solo, Madame Claude, Berlin, Germany

07.02.2010, Reso, solo and duo with Mai Mai, also Xu Chen, Da Xiao, Yuyintang, Shanghai, China

30.01.2010, ≤50cm³, trio with Mai Mai, Xu Chen, company 33, Shanghai, China

08.01.2010, Sub Jam Tour, together with Jun Yuan, Justin Sebastian, Yan Jun, Li Daiguo, Wu Na, Li Zenghui, 2colegas, Beijing, China

06.01.2010, Sub Jam Tour, together with Jun Yuan, Justin Sebastian, Li Tieqiao, Li Zenghui, Jianghu Bar, Beijing, China

05.01.2010, Sub Jam Tour, together with Jun Yuan + Yan Jun + Cardiac Murmur, D22, Beijing, China

01.01.2010, reso + noishanghai, together with Jun Yuan + Xu Chen, Hangzhou, China


24.12.2009, Sound Art Festival, together with Jun Yuan, Wu Na, Shanghai Himalayan Art Museum, Shanghai, China

20.12.2009, Heterotopias, together with Justin Sebastian, Maimai, Tau Ji, Jun Yuan, Xu Chen, Suzhou, China

19.12.2009, True Color Museum, together with Justin Sebastian, Maimai, Tau Ji, Jun Yuan, Xu Chen, Suzhou, China

12.12.2009, Switch ON mini festival, together with D.G. Moore, Goh Lee Kwang, Klpac, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

6.12.2009, Choppa Series, together with D.G. Moore, Night And Day, Singapore

4.12.2009, Dawnag, together with Dickson Dee, Culture Highland, Shenzhen, China

26.11.2009, MusicImprovisationSeries, together with Stian Westerhus, Tim Olive, Ken Okami, Common Cafe, Osaka, Japan

20.11.2009, together with Ka4u, Ikko, Ken Okami, Shin Bi, Kyoto, Japan

17.11.2009, Tokyo Keizai University, Tokyo, Japan

15.11.2009, Metal Hole Cool Down 2, together with O.Blaat, Phirip, Ken Okami, Takahiro Kawaguchi + Kanta Horio + Makoto Oshiro, Loop Line, Tokyo, Japan

21.10.2009, International Electroacoustic Music Week, together with Jun Yuan, Shanghai, Conservatory Of Music, Shanghai, Shanghai, China

18.10.2009, Noishanghai XXXI, together with C.U.M.T/Teratology/Torturing Nurse, Live Bar, Shanghai, China

19.9.2009, Noishanghai XXIX, together with Junky, Live Bar, Shanghai, China

27.8.2009, company, together with MTDM Ben Houge junky Mai Mai, Subway, Shanghai, China

22.8.2009, eai, together with Junyuan, Jan Yun, Wu Na, Beijing, China

21.8.2009, eai, together with Junyuan, Jan Yun, Beijing, China

25.7.2009, tablesitting, together with Ryu Han kil, Hong Chulki, Jin sangtae, Choi Joonzong, Joe Foster, Kevin Parks, Takahiro Kawaguchi, Kogawa Tetsuo, Bowie, Seoul, Korea

23.05.2009, Reso, together with Junyuan, O Art Space, Shanghai, China

17.04.2009, dotolim concert series, together with Sangtae Jin, Hankil Ryu, Dotolim, Seoul

07.02.2009, Electronic Church, together with Marcel Türkowski, Berlin

02.02.2009, Experimontag, together with Seiji Morimoto, Madame Claude, Berlin

24.01.2009, blinzelbar, together with Alexander Schubert, Heiner Metzger, H7- Club für aktuelle Musik, Hamburg, Germany

20.01.2009, Velak-Gala, together with Tim Blechmann, Brut Im Konzerthaus,Vienna, Austria

18.01.2009, jazz kissa, C17, Vienna, Austria

15.01.2009, O Tannenbaum, Berlin, Germany


19.09.2008, Salon Bruit, pm: together with Lee Kwang Goh, Lichtblick Kino, Berlin, Germany

17.09.2008, pm, together with Lee Kwang Goh, Electronic Church, Berlin, Germany

15.09.2008, pm, together with Lee Kwang Goh, Albertos Ukebana, Berlin, Germany

16.08.2008, where is the edge now, yeah?, Shintaro Miyazaki,Hyph, James Edmonds + Marcel Türkowsky, Nicolas Weiser, Electronic Church, Berlin, Germany

11.07.2008, Mani-Fest, Weimar, Germany

30.04.2008, Electronic Church, Berlin, Germany

29.03.2008, pm, together with Lee Kwang Goh, Luise, Leipzig, Germany

22.03.2008, pm, together with Lee Kwang Goh, Electronic Church, Berlin, Germany

01.03.2008, Linux Audio Conference, Closing Concert, Stadtgarten, Cologne, Germany

11.01.2008, Seam, Hochschule für Musik, Weimar, Germany


sound-installation vice/versa, Singuhr Hörgalerie, Kleinerwasserspeicher, Berlin, Germany

18.11.2007, Computing Music 5, alte Feuerwache, Cologne, Germany

22.06.2007, Next Generation, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany

04.05.2007, pm, together with Lee Kwang Goh, Forsters, Berlin, Germany

06.04.2007, Naivsuper Night, Electronic Church, Berlin, Germany

28.01.2007, Seam, Hochschule für Musik, Weimar, Germany

27.01.2007, Seam, Hochschule für Musik, Weimar, Germany


27.04.2006, Linux Audio Conference, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany

14.10.2006, Naivsuper Night, Gelegenheiten, Berlin, Germany


07.07.05, icem, Folkwang Musikschule, Essen, Germany

Art In The Air, International Festival Of Audio Art, Struts Gallery, New Brunswick Canada


icem, Folkwang Hochschule, Essen, Germany


icem, Folkwang Hochschule, Essen