instrument, 2006

In his book „Hear and Now, Thoughts on Improvised Music“ Nicolas Wilson highlights three new aspects of electronic music: The amplification of formerly hardly audible sounds, the ability to sound of one’s own accord and the possibility to reproduce recorded music. I think however, that on top of this the playing of musical instruments has changed due to electronics and the fact that the sounds can be controlled in different ways and on various levels.

In 2006 I developed my instrument in such a fashion that it allows me a rather playful approach regarding the control of sounds. I didn’t try to make an electronic device, which is controllable in the same way as a classical acoustic instrument, instead I tried to work with the abstraction of the electronics. The instrument is based on the feedback between Piezo microphones and speakers. They are all placed inside a book. In order to play the instrument I press my hands on top of the book. Thereby the conditions for the feedback change.

In this project I am mostly interested in the question of how the playing relates to the material. How does the instrument define the music? And in which ways these preconditions can be approached? I think certain possibilities of interaction arise due to the fact that the instrument faces me with its own particular properties. The shift in the improvisational practice toward a reaction to the sounds of the instrument itself opens up a new area of freedom. One could say that the interaction doesn’t only happen between musicians and the audience but also with the instrument and its concrete behaviour. In the same way one listens to co-musicians, one is listening to one’s own sounds and the ways they sound in space. I am particularly interested in those aspects, which are mistakenly considered “passive”. It’s the listening and the experience of things that disclose an improvisational practice to me. The aim is not to control a technical aperture but to create an associative field. The sounds have their own live. The playing tries to keep them alive.

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