Large as a cupboard, heavy as a human, delicate as a clockwork – the GRAVITAPHON. A new musical instrument.

On the empty stage two persons are pushing, dragging, balancing a huge box. The surface of the black cuboid shines in the spotlight. The heavy object tilts slowly forward. A soft ringing will sound. At first more like a bell, then stronger. It’s origin is inside of the box. The more the object tends, the more pressing the sound becomes. Suddenly it falls silent and a low noise raises – soft summer rain falls over the room. The cuboid touches the ground gently.

GRAVITAPHON A new musical instrument. It can only be played with an enormous amount of effort. Tilting, shifting motions and degrees of rotation are the parameters that determine, which acoustic sound will be heard. GRAVITAPHON is the development of a score, which is suited to the playing style of the instrument. GRAVITAPHON is the development of a playing style, a mixture of strength, choreography and craftsmanship. Physical exhaustion is a central component of the composition and the instrument is always unpredictable …

A production of Grammel+Hochherz+Sagardía coproduced by LOFFT – DAS THEATER. With support of Stadt Leipzig, Kulturamt and Kunststiftung NRW.



complete performance: