project, 2012/ongoing, with Ute Wassermann, Liz Allbee and Felicity Mangan

Animal Nacht is the project of four artists exploring the imitation and playback of animal and environmental sounds through acoustic and electronic instruments, voice and field recordings. With their movement between the boundaries of synthetic and natural sounds, they explore the interplay of human, animal and electronic sound. With trumpet, conch, voice, birdcalls, synthesizer and field recordings different hybrids are produced. Their sounds are condensed into sound environments (“sonic environments”) which they produce in different spatial and acoustic situations with the help of spatialization, an imagined “wildlife scenario”.

Liz Allbee creates with Trumpet and Conch animalic instrumental sound chimera. Olaf Hochherz creates with synthetic sounds associations of screams, shouts and songs of the animal world. Felicity Mangan plays in her live arrangements with CDs of recordings of Australian animals with the abstraction of fieldrecordings. Ute Wassermann masks her voice with bird-calls and palate-whistles and creates a hybrid voice-instrument with oscillating, trilling and swirling sounds.

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