half animal

workshop, 2012

This workshop was held in Beijing in February/March 2012 in Beijing and the result was a musical performance at the “sally can’t dance” Festival in Beijing.

We where playing with the affection to things and animals. We let the instruments “sing”, to let the instruments mime the animals – a mimesis of the world.

Within the workshop I shared my ideas on environment and its associative qualities as source for musical structures. Through group improvisations, their discussion and critique we developed different ways to create a music which recreated a sonic environment. we discussed how musical structures relate to other (acoustic) structures in everyday life, how we can recreate structures from our environment in our music to create a new way of thinking about music. We searched for ways to create sounds which resemble “nature” or better recreate “our” notion of nature, which utilise memories of the sounding of the environment, as a conjunction of animals, things, humans and sounding machines. We discussed what it means to recreate an environment, which “exist” to be observed.