trying to listen but

2009, desetxea 179

trying to listen but

this recording is not a piece I made. I was sitting in my apartment, trying to listen to a “record”. a processed recording which was published on cd and later put on-line by the author. but I was thinking that the relation between active and passive has to be mixed up further. the idea of an audience which is actively listening is not enough. but still music makes no sense for an audience just like that. the aim of the listener must still be to develop forms of usage.

i was listening to:
May 2006 Radu Malfatti / Mattin: Going Fragile CD Formed Records (USA)

mattin: “is recording your listening an active way of listening, or is it trying to pose new questions, regarding authorship, and the context in which one listens to music?”.

recording my listening is an active way of not listening, and it is trying to pose the context in which one is in music. this music made me entertain myself by playing with cups next to my ears/microphones. maybe a poor form of usage.