live actions

cd, 2009, pm (lee kwang goh & olaf hochherz), herbal live actions

I played a disc called Live ActionsBerlin by the duo of Goh Lee Kwang and Olaf Hochherz, using the group name PM. On this release, four tracks recorded at three different live concerts capture GLK (as we know him by now!) playing mixer feedback and Hochherz (of whom I am completely unfamiliar) playing piezo. Assuming piezo is shorthand for piezoelectric, one then further assumes that Hochherz somehow uses the process of converting manual movement into electric sound. Whatever he does, he makes a kind of dirty, gritty electronic sound so similar to that made by GLK that I cannot tell them apart here. Live ActionsBerlin started nicely, some good use of white space between low volume splurges of noise. After a while though the sounds change very little, and it is just the tension (anger even?) held within these bursts of sound that hold the interest as the two musicians fold them around each other. The harsh unforgiving qualities of the sounds here do begin to test the listener after a while though. Shorn of the visual aspect of the gigs these recordings were taken from the interplay here is tough to relate to as its never certain who is making what noise. – Richard Pinnell,

Behind PM are Goh Lee Kwang (mixer feedback) and Olaf Hochherz (piezo). I remember reviewing a rather obscure 3″CDR by them, but this one is actually quite nice. Four pieces, recorded in three different places in Berlin, with only few days in between (so you can tour a city!) of an endless stream of feedback like sounds and small crackles and big noise. It emerges on the borders of improvised music, electro-acoustic, microsound as well as noise. I know this sounds like a strange mixture, but it works well here. A great work, a strong leap forward. Frans De Waard – Vital Weekly 663